Limbs of G-d

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little limbs of g-dIs it really possible to connect to G-d or are we just making ourselves feel good? Does G-d care about the little mitzvot I do?
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This audio clip from a recent lecture in New Jersey
touches on the concept of a mitzvah.

What's the point of a mitzvah?
What can mitzvot accomplish?
Does G-d really care?

A short excerpt.

*If you cannot see the player: Refresh the cookies in your Internet browser and come back to this page.

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Dear Mrs. Ginsburg,

You are amazing because you've been our teacher in the real sense, teaching us informally and by your example and interest and appreciation of us as individuals. The other reason is because you believe in us and for me that means I have the confidence to try and be G-dly in ways I couldn't otherwise. Thank you, T.M.


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